Service 主な業務


・Public Relations
Forming and executing promotional plans to increase the added value of your brands and products in Japanese market.

・Press Officer
Increasing your media exposure through various approaches such as product leasing at show rooms and press caravans.


Producing and directing various events, including such events as opening ceremonies of new shops, product launch parties and exhibitions.


・Project launch consulting: Providing long-term strategy to increase your brand potential.
・Advertising Consulting: Providing effective media plans.

Research, Analysis, Advice

Through carefully sampled interviews and questionnaires with media and opinion leaders, we offer valuable and timely information and analysis which will be of great use for your new projects and product development.


Casting celebrities, inviting them to your events, as well as selecting appropriate celebrities as brand ambassadors.

Editorial & Production

Producing brochures and printed tools for your PR and sales promotions.

Artist Management

Inviting, as well as management of, foreign artists such as fashion designers, architects, photographers, flower designers, interior designers, illustrators, and musicians. 

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